York Council



A major step in ensuring a quality, consistent approach to programme and project management is the move to an ICT system that acts as a central point for all projects. This is the Verto system (a cloud based ICTsystem) that allows easy access and easy management of projects. Each phase of a programme or project is managed within the system and the system provides gateways for the project manager to ensure that all requirements are met before moving to the next phase. All project work from planning to risk management is controlled in the system and all involved in the projects have access to update and view where appropriate. This allows a wide sight for all interested parties involved in the projects and those involved in the quality assurance of the systems in place (such as internal audit). The Verto system is preset with best practice templates, controls exist to ensure information integrity is retained and logs who makes amends to the system. Importantly it forces effective risk management that is scrutinised by internal audit who have direct and open access to the system.Documents, such as highlight reports and risk reports, are produced by the system to provide information to project boards, DMTs, CMT and cabinet. The system controls document versions and the publication of documents. The Verto system provides a virtual project management office, which is important to maintain consistency and control within projects and across different projects. It also removes the risk of working in silos on projects and prompts the project manager to follow the correct process. Verto is currently used for all the Rewiring transformation work and other programmes and in the next 12 months all programmes, projects and service planning will be managed in the system.

Wolverhampton Council

We have been using Verto for just over 12 months. We chose to go with Verto as it proved to be the most flexible and adaptable system to match our ways of working here in Wolverhampton. The support provided by TMI Systems has been brilliant to get the system up and running. The system enables us to have a cross directorate view of the projects and programmes currently being managed within the Council.