Verto available now on G-Cloud 8

What is G-Cloud?

The UK Government G-Cloud is an initiative targeted at easing procurement of commodity information technology services, that use cloud computing, by public sector bodies in departments of the United Kingdom Government.

G-Cloud allows public sector organisations to call off services without needing to run a full tender or competition procurement process, thanks to a series of framework agreements with suppliers.

Public sector bodies are able to search for services that are covered by the G-Cloud frameworks by visiting an online store - the "Digital Marketplace".

Verto is a UK Government G-Cloud Supplier

Verto has again successfully completed the G-Cloud tender process and is now available through the recently published G-Cloud 8 framework.

Verto is available under Lot 3, Software as a Service with a further listing under Lot 4 available for Specialist Cloud Services.

Find Verto in the Digital Marketplace here: Verto G8

NHS Herefordshire CCG selects Verto

NHS Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group chose Verto to support work collaboration and project management. We asked them why they selected Verto...

“We wanted to find a way that allowed us to have better sight/improved assurance across our whole portfolio of work.

For us as a small NHS CCG we wanted to ensure we were deploying resources more smartly on key priorities, and in particular programmes intended to deliver QIPP savings. Additionally frustrations in organisation that we were spending a lot time reporting to NHS England, joint programme boards and internally and not enough time actually delivering - we wanted things recorded/captured once but used in numerous settings – COUNT principle. We also wanted to improve how individuals managed projects and ensured they undertook robust planning. And finally wanted to improve our: benefits/impact tracking; as well as ensuring remedial action plans in relation to key performance issue were managed and monitored. As a small CCG also we cannot afford a huge PMO function.

We looked at several products. VERTO provided the functionality and flexibility we wanted, and importantly allowed us to adapt it to local processes and governance arrangements.

We have focused on initially using it for those project initiatives that will deliver QIPP savings, but also being a cloud based system we will be using to monitor and manage for example our better care fund and other system wide programmes. VERTO have also worked with us to develop new functionality around benefits tracking that we are deploying, and intending to link with key BI systems.

In the set-up phrase VERTO guys supportive and professional. We have more work to do with colleagues around embedding the system and its use, but this is more of cultural issue that a system issue. So far has been a positive process; and we see huge advantages of how we can use this product going forward from business planning and risk management."

If you would like to talk to us about how Verto can help deliver your programmes please call us on 0844 870 8785